Why do you say bone china can be a good daily china in daily life?

Elegant. Bone china with profound historical background is the only recognized high-grade porcelain in the world. It has the characteristics of good transparency and gloss and good glaze. According to historical records, bone china was born in the British Year of the 19th century. Its appearance was favored by the royal aristocracy and was praised as royal porcelain. In modern times, the White House feast of President Roosevelt in 1902, the maiden voyage of the luxury cruise ship Queen Mary in 1935, and the coronation of Queen Elizabeth in 1953 used fine bone china as dinnerware. With a set of bone china dinnerware, enjoy the noble life!

Pleasant sound. When you have a set of bone china cutlery, take a small bowl, hold the bottom of the bowl with your left hand, and wet the water with the middle finger of your right hand, then slowly wipe the edge of the bowl at a constant speed, this will give a very long voice. This is due to the unique density and raw material composition of bone china. You take an ordinary bowl, no matter how it is rubbed, it will not make a sound, a set of noble bone china will let you enjoy the artistic life while dining.

Health and Environmental Protection. This is also the most important point. Bone china has been tested by the Shanghai laboratory in Germany and meets the safety and hygiene standards for dinnerware use in the United States. Bone china does not contain lead and cadmium, and is not easy to wear and fall off. In addition to general dinnerware, it is also suitable for microwave ovens. It is a well-deserved healthy ceramic. And any ordinary ceramic product will inevitably be corroded by acid and alkali in daily use, and there is a trace of metal spillage, which will affect human health over time. It is these properties, especially the environmental and health benefits, that make bone china the best, healthier china for everyday use.



Post time: Sep-29-2022


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