What are the advantages of bone China cup in life?

1. Delicate porcelain: soft whiteness, strong light transmission, showing the same texture and brightness as ordinary porcelain, emitting the noble temperament of nobility.

2, good thermal insulation: compared with traditional porcelain, bone China has better thermal insulation, more feeling when drinking coffee or tea.

3, beautiful: good bone China is transparent, very gentle light, look very comfortable. Ordinary ceramics don’t.

4, good sound, the sound is very good, like a clock.

5, environmental protection porcelain: bone China is mostly low lead or lead-free products, so in terms of product quality in line with health standards.

6, better strength, thinner body, lighter weight: Because the composition of bone China is different from ordinary porcelain, it can be made thinner and tougher, but it is difficult to form due to high temperature molding, objectively forming a high price factor.

Viewed from the outside, bone China is not pure white, but presents a natural milky white, high transparency, round and delicate, lightweight texture. Bone China materials exquisite, fine production, strict standards, its regularity, whiteness, transparency, thermal stability and other indicators are dependent on its raw materials silicon oxide, alumina and calcium oxide, of which calcium oxide, animal bone meal content is higher, the better the color. When the bone meal content reaches a certain proportion, the quality of porcelain will be greatly improved.


Post time: Oct-07-2023


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