Why are bone China cups so popular with the public?

Bone China cup is an environmentally friendly green consumer product. Compared with ordinary ceramics, the unique firing process and bone carbon content make bone China look whiter, delicate, transparent and lightweight. Ceramics originated in China, but bone China was founded in England. It was once the special porcelain of the British royal family, and bone China is also a symbol of the owner’s status.

Bone China quality, fine and hard (twice that of daily porcelain), not easy to wear and break, light transmittance color natural natural bone powder unique natural milky white. Bone China manufacturers are mainly in Europe and Japan. In China, the production of a few manufacturers, such as Tangshan, Zibo and so on. Classification method of bone China: Since the invention of bone China, through continuous innovation and development, some new types have also been derived. There are several classifications based on the color, firing process, and origin of the bone meal. Common classification methods are as follows:

1, according to the source of raw materials: animal bone meal as raw material, synthetic bone meal, synthetic bone meal as raw material, animal bone meal and synthetic bone meal as raw material mixed bone meal, the appearance of these products is not significantly different.

2, according to the color of bone China body: milky white, ivory yellow, cyan. In other colors, other toners are added and assigned corresponding colors, and in these product categories, milky white products have good light transmission, while other color products have poor light transmission.

3, according to the firing process: secondary firing, the use of glaze secondary firing in a firing, raw glaze is burned in a firing process. The quality of bone China is higher than the first firing, and the glaze is brighter than the first firing. Classic bone China is usually produced using animal bone meal. Because there is very little iron in bone meal, it is pure, soft and beautiful milky white after burning, which is deeply loved by people.


Post time: Oct-06-2023


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