Identification of genuine and false bone porcelain cups

In terms of color alone, the high-quality bone China cup is milky white, the ordinary bone China cup is milky (bone that kind of yellow), and the fake bone China cup is either bright white (white dazzling) or dark yellow. Some people said that rubbing the edge of the bone China dish with water can be identified according to the occurrence, in fact, this method is not feasible, because the true or false will make a buzzing sound. So let’s talk about simple discrimination.

First, light transmission. The high-quality bone China cup is the whole transparent, illuminated by a lamp, the utensil as a whole is transparent, into a translucent shape, and the light through is white (illuminated with normal white light, such as a flashlight, mobile phone flashlight, etc.) can be made into a lampshade; The light transmission of fake bone China is partial, that is, part of the vessel is transparent, part is not transparent, and the cast light is yellow, ordinary bone China is also partly transparent and partly opaque, but the transparent parts are very transparent, and the color is still white through the light, without discoloration. Simply put, high-quality bone China is permeable as a whole, while the fake one is partially permeable and partially not permeable. The second is the sound, fingers flick the utensil (or tap the utensil with something), if the sound of high-quality bone China is similar to the ringing of a bell, the echo time is long; If it is fake bone China, the sound is not good, not crisp, and basically no echo. In view of two points, it is possible to distinguish between genuine and fake bone China. High quality bone China is environmentally friendly and does not contain heavy metals such as lead and cadmium. The new bone China cup uses chemical synthetic raw materials instead of bone meal, and although it has certain light transmission, it is not bone China.

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Post time: Oct-19-2023


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