What are the common criteria for selecting bone China cups?

1, the cup mouth: the cup mouth needs to be flat, can be inverted on the plate, two fingers hold the bottom of the cup to rotate around, if the tap sound, the cup mouth is uneven, otherwise it is flat. The flip cup is usually easier to reach than the straight cup and the closed cup, and is not easy to heat.

2, cup body: the cup can drink the tea without looking up, the straight mouth cup can drink up, and the closed mouth cup must look up to drink up, can be chosen according to each person’s preference.

3, the bottom of the cup: the selection method is the same as the mouth of the cup, and the requirements are smooth.

4, size: match with daily use, too small or too large is not suitable; Large cup capacity 300 ~ 450 ml, both drink and thirst quenching dual functions.

5, color: the outside of the cup should be consistent with the color of the cup, the inner color has a great impact on the color of the soup, in order to watch the real color of the bone China cup, it is appropriate to choose the primary color of the inner wall. Sometimes to add visual effect, some special colors can also be used.

6, only the number of cups: generally equipped with cups in even numbers, in the purchase of a set of bone China cups, you can fill the pot with water, and then inject the cup one by one, you can test whether it matches.


Post time: Oct-08-2023


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