What are the reasons for the uneven color of the baked flowers on bone china cups?

1. Underglaze decoration

(1) When water is divided, the color of the water is lighter and the thickness is uneven.

(2) When glazing, the glazing layer is not thick or the picture is not clean.

(3) All the materials on the flower paper are not pasted, or flower paper that does not meet the requirements is used, and the color of the paper is uneven.

(4) The firing temperature is low or the firing atmosphere is inappropriate, the glaze cannot be fully vitrified, and the color of the pattern is difficult to enter and exit.

(5) Product coloring effects caused by smoke or glazing during the firing process.

2. Glazed decoration

(1) The paper quality is not good or it has been stored for too long and cannot be used.

(2) The operation technology is not skilled, there is no decal, and there is air in the film. As the temperature increases during the color baking process, the bubbles will burst, causing the flowers to break, or the reverse side of the flower paper is placed incorrectly, which will cause serious deformation.

(3) Improper preparation is used when pasting the film onto the paper.

(4) When color baking is performed, the gas generated by the coloring materials or decals will react with the coloring materials on other products, resulting in poor color rendering.

(5) The sulfur content of the fuel used is too high, which will cause the sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere to form sulfates with calcium oxide and other compounds in the glaze or colorant, causing the color to lose its luster.

(6) Improper baking method or improper loading.

(7) The color baking temperature is too high or too low, so the color is incorrect.

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Post time: Sep-14-2023


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