What are the grades of bone china mugs? How to distinguish good from bad?

In bone china cups, the grades of bone china cups are different. The following editors of bone china manufacturers will introduce the classification methods of bone china cup grades in detail:

It is roughly divided into AAA grade, first-class product, second-grade product, and third-grade product. One criterion for distinguishing grades is to see how many defects exist in the porcelain itself. A dash of the number of blemishes.

First, AAA grade: In the shape of porcelain or embryo (embryo shape refers to the one without flowers, not glazed, the whole body is just a white body in the shape of porcelain). Embryos without defects are then processed by flowering, glazing, and furnace firing. After they are released from the oven, the finished products are screened again to remove the defective products, thus producing AAA grade products;

Second, first-class product: first-class embryos are selected from all prepared embryos (good and bad), and the embryos without obvious defects are screened out and then processed to produce first-class products , the international standard allows no more than 5 flaws in the first-class product; I would like to remind everyone that the one at the bottom of the bowl is marked with AAA grade, and the label of the first grade does not represent the grade of the porcelain itself, it depends on the porcelain itself its own quality.

1. Hold the bone china cup in your hand and observe. The color of a good bone china cup is natural milky white dominated by natural bone powder. Observe the permeability of the bone china cup against the light to see whether the composition of the cup is fine or not. A good bone china cup should have better light transmission and be well-proportioned without impurities.

2. Feel the fineness and hardness of porcelain with your hands. The addition of beef bone meal makes the bone china cup lighter than other types of porcelain, and can be made thinner than ordinary porcelain. The finished product is light in texture, precise and hard (twice that of daily-use porcelain), and not easy to break.

3. Use your index finger and thumb to flick it lightly, and you will hear a crisp sound of “ding” from the bone china cup. If you touch the mouth of the bowl with water, it will make a sound similar to that of an airplane flying by. Although the sound is relatively small, you should listen carefully.


Post time: Jan-16-2023


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