Under the background of industry reshuffle, how bone china manufacturers can achieve sustainable development

Ceramics are the most widely used in people’s growth and life. In daily life, teacups, dinnerware, various pots and dishes we use are all made of ceramics. In art platforms, there are also many vases and decorations. It is made of ceramics. In addition, ceramics are the most widely used in industrial platforms. Many chemical industries, electronic industries, and equipment industries will apply ceramics. Therefore, at this stage, people still have the largest demand for ceramics. , There are also thousands of large and small bone china manufacturers.

The history of the emergence of ceramics in my country is the longest. According to historical data, ceramics appeared in my country before the Xia Dynasty. After thousands of years of development, the manufacturing process and manufacturing technology of ceramics have been greatly improved. Moreover, the applicable range of ceramics is also much wider, but at this stage, there are still many problems in the production of bone china factories. At the beginning, the automation level of ceramic manufacturing was very low. Most of the other industries have realized modernization and automation of manufacturing, but the ceramic industry is still very backward in this respect. For example, many processes need to be completed by workers themselves, and there is no supporting machinery. .

Secondly, in the ceramic industry, the degree of professionalization is low. Almost every bone china manufacturer today is a universal factory. It does not conform to the current modern manufacturing model, so with the development of economy and society, my country’s ceramic industry is facing this big challenge.

In addition, ceramics will cause serious environmental pollution during the manufacturing process. Bone china manufacturers need a lot of fuel when firing ceramics, such as coal and natural gas. The power consumption is the largest. The burning of these fuels will bring air pollution In the process of ceramic manufacturing, a large amount of dust, solid waste and industrial sewage are generated, which will bring environmental pollution in all aspects. Therefore, under the call of the national energy conservation and emission reduction, bone china factories are also facing under enormous pressure.

Therefore, at this stage, the ceramic industry is facing a major reshuffle. How to persist in this reshuffle is related to the life and death of bone china manufacturers. To improve the manufacturing technology, realize the synergy between enterprises and enterprises, and accelerate the professionalization of ceramic manufacturing. In the long run, this will not only reduce the cost of ceramic manufacturing, but also help to change the current situation of ceramic manufacturing that does not focus on quality. On the other hand, energy consumption should be reduced in ceramic manufacturing, so as to make great progress in environmental protection.

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Post time: Feb-01-2023


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