The material of ceramic dinnerware

We eat with ceramic dinnerware every day. Everyone must be very interested in the material of ceramic dinnerware, right? Today, let Win-Win Ceramics introduce the material of ceramic dinnerware to you. Whether it is from porcelain clay or other materials such as glazes and decals, there are many kinds. If produced in Jingdezhen, it is generally dominated by white porcelain. White porcelain is the characteristic of Jingdezhen. There are many, there are ordinary mud, there are medium white mud and high white mud, high white mud itself is also divided into several grades, and if the raw materials of the same glaze of porcelain clay are different, the grade of the product will be different. . In addition, if it is bone china, bone china with different bone powder content has its own characteristics and identification methods. Therefore, the topic of ceramic materials is a complex subject.

Win-win Ceramics reminds everyone that there is also a very important aspect of the environmental protection performance of ceramics, that is, whether consumers use dinnerware that is harmless to health. Ceramic dinnerware is generally divided into three categories in the decal process, on-glaze, in-glaze and under-glaze. Under-glaze is represented by the blue and white we often say. The quality of dinnerware produced by these three processes is different in terms of health and environmental protection. Yes, the on-glaze is to add flower paper to the enamel after the enamel is fired. In this case, if such dinnerware is used for a long time, if the quality is not up to standard, it is easy to cause the dissolution of heavy metals such as lead and chromium in the ceramic pigment. Long-term use is very harmful to the health of users, so Winwin Ceramics does not recommend consumers to buy glazed dinnerware. In-glaze and under-glaze are much better in terms of health, because the pattern is covered by the glaze, and the glaze itself is completely harmless and will not cause any chemical damage to the user, such as no matter how long it is used, The dissolved amount of heavy metals in blue and white is completely zero. Therefore, for the health of yourself and your family, Win-Win Ceramics recommends that you buy under-glazed and under-glazed ceramic dinnerware. If you choose over-glazed, you must choose an honest and quality-assured merchant.



Post time: Nov-16-2022


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