Six commercial selling points of bone china mug

1. Add animal bone meal to the porcelain body of the bone china cup to enhance the ceramic function

In ancient ceramics, some industrial raw materials were added to improve the performance of ceramics, while bone china cups added herbivorous bone meal (mainly bovine bone meal) to the porcelain body. The main component of bone meal was calcium phosphate, which is an amino acid. It is a kind of nutrient that the human body must supplement, and it is a real healthy ceramic. Ancient ceramics do not contain calcium phosphate.

2. Discovered by the British

Porcelain was discovered by the Chinese, but bone china was discovered by the British in 1794, and immediately became popular among the royal families and nobles in Europe.

3. White as jade, thin as paper, transparent as a mirror, sound like a chime

Bone china cups have four major features in appearance, white as jade, white and clear, shiny like jade; thin as paper, which is different from the heaviness of ancient ceramics. Round and transparent, it can be used as a lampshade; the sound is like a chime, the sound is mellow, and the echo echoes around the beam. It integrates application and decoration.

4. No lead and cadmium dissolution, avoid heavy metal poisoning

During the firing process, bone china cups do not dissolve heavy metals such as lead and cadmium, and avoid heavy metal poisoning to the greatest extent. Especially in families with children, children have poor resistance and are prone to lead exceeding the standard or even lead poisoning, causing various diseases.

5. Exclusively for the British royal family and nobles

In the early days of bone china, only the royal family and nobles could enjoy it. It was not until the early 20th century that the emerging rich and celebrities could enjoy it. In recent years, bone china has gradually become popular all over the world. It is dinnerware made of bone china.

6. The surface is fine and smooth, “washing dishes without detergent”

Bone china porcelain has a high density and a delicate and greasy surface. Oil stains dripping on bone china are like dewdrops dripping on lotus leaves, which is the easiest to rinse. Just flush it with warm water. Avoiding the residue of detergent, the residue of detergent has great harm, and the biggest harm will disrupt people’s metabolism.


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Post time: Jan-14-2023


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