National Spirit in Porcelain

In English, porcelain is the name for “China” (china). Only from this name can we appreciate foreigners’ appreciation for porcelain. Occasionally, the name porcelain so accurately expresses the spirit and strength of our nation. The porcelain of our Tangshan win-win bone china manufacturer also embodies the national spirit.

Every piece of porcelain has gone through a lot of carving and burning in the fire before it can be made into a piece, and everyone is the same. The Western proverb says: Those who have never cried through the eternal night are not as good as their lives. Yes, a person can only be regarded as a complete person if he has experienced pain and pain, and gone through difficulties and dangers. There are also people who can’t stand this kind of test, and seek their own death due to a little bit of suffering or pain at a young age, like an embryo that shatters before it comes out of the kiln, wasting their own raw materials and other people’s hard work. In China, offspring are not allowed to die before their parents. If a son dies before his parents, he cannot be buried at home for three days like the old man. He must be buried on the same day.

Therefore, if it is alive like porcelain, it must stand the test.

Almost every piece of porcelain has flaws, and there is no perfect porcelain. When people in the Middle Kingdom use porcelain to eat or drink water every day, they are of course deeply aware that no one is perfect. When dealing with people, peace should be the most important thing, and blame should not be sought. Perfection can also be tolerated and endured. It is precisely because many people have such or such small shortcomings, each talent has its own characteristics and cuteness, yes, everyone is cute because of their own shortcomings, and no one can find any shortcomings Such a person can only be respected and kept at a distance. It is unbelievable that such a person will make people like it and make people feel close.

Treating yourself as porcelain means that you never pursue your own perfection, but pursue your own tolerance and use every day. Being able to accommodate others and be used for things is a successful life.

Porcelain can keep itself clean in a turbid or dirty environment. In muddy water or turbid water, the porcelain itself will not be dirty. Even if it has been stuck in the mud for several years, it will still be clean after washing with clean water. Yes, those who are polluted are all changed from the inside. If you insist on seeing yourself as porcelain, you will not be polluted until you see yourself as a mass of mud. It will be too dirty to wash.

Porcelain is clean, and those who regard themselves as porcelain must also be clean.

Those who regard themselves as porcelain often regard the people around them as porcelain. Porcelain and porcelain can appreciate each other and encourage each other. You can have the kind of people around you who you are.

Although the basic function of porcelain is to serve as utensils, to hold water, rice and things, some particularly exquisite porcelains are always reluctant to use because of their special beauty. Gradually, there are some porcelains specially used for display. Those porcelains separated from “use” take beauty as their own career, and also have their own joy and excitement, as well as their own loneliness and misery-everyone’s life has always been the only thing that can be obtained. One, no one can enjoy everything, gaining this and losing that is the normal state of life and the fairness of fate.

Porcelain life puts “use” in the first place. Each of us is assigned a service, and most people define themselves by what they have done.

Every porcelain is unique, even if it comes out of the same kiln and painted by the same painter, there are many differences in detail. Just like people doing the same thing in the same unit, in fact, there are also big differences. Everyone brings their personalities and characteristics to the extreme, which is a colorful world, and everyone is willing to realize their own value in similar things, which is a harmonious society.

Different porcelains are those Chinese who cherish and value themselves.

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Post time: Feb-02-2023


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