Maintenance of bone china mug

 1. Try to wash by hand. If you really don’t want to wash by hand, you need to choose a dishwasher with “porcelain and crystal” cleaning functions.

2. Do not put it in a microwave oven to avoid gold falling off (unless it is prompted that it is a gold component that can be microwaved).

3. The pH value of the cleaning agent should be between 11-11.5. When washing with clean water, the water temperature should not exceed 80°C.

4. Do not immerse the hot cup directly in cold water, so as not to damage the porcelain due to rapid temperature changes.

5. If the product has slight scratches, use toothpaste to lightly polish it to reduce the scratches.

6. If there are tea stains, clean them with lemon juice or vinegar.

7. Bone china cups are delicate and need careful maintenance.

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Post time: Mar-16-2023


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