Learn to choose ceramic dinnerware to create a high-quality elegant dining table

There are many kinds of ceramics and exquisite production, and many ceramic products are pleasing to the eye from luster to decoration. Among them, the most widely used and purchased is ceramic dinnerware. But between different ceramics, the quality is different.

1. It is more reasonable to choose according to the porcelain
There are mainly bone china, shell china, magnesia china, reinforced china and new bone china in the market. Reinforced porcelain is one of the most common ceramic materials for daily use.
Bone china is one of the most high-end ones. It is fired with animal bone powder as the main raw material. The decoration is limited in color and can only be made by mold or grouting. But because of its light and transparent texture, bright color and warm hand feel, it is very popular.
Magnesium porcelain is a kind of high-grade porcelain fired at high temperature above 1250 degrees. When broken, it is flaky and not easy to crush. Good light transmittance, high strength, high thermal stability. These characteristics make it a more popular hotel ceramics in recent years.
Shell porcelain is made of high-white clay, high-white glaze and shell powder fired at high temperature. Then it is painted and decorated, and then fired a second time to make it non-toxic and harmless, and not easy to fade. Dishwasher safe due to its resistance to breakage and discoloration. The price is affordable, suitable for beginners of ceramic dinnerware to buy.
2. Tips for buying ceramic dinnerware
Ceramic dinnerware is a medium that is in close contact with food, so out of consideration for our health, we should not be careless when purchasing, and we need to choose carefully.

The first principle to buy is not to buy “three no” ceramic dinnerware, but to buy products of regular brands. “Three no” ceramic dinnerware has no brand, its production standards cannot be monitored, and its safety is difficult to guarantee. If there is any accident, it is difficult to be held accountable.

Secondly, you need to pay attention to the fineness of ceramic dinnerware when purchasing. You can touch the surface with your hand to feel whether the inner wall is smooth and clean, with or without unevenness. If so, it belongs to the on-glaze color production process. Although the appearance value is high, the pigment may be dissolved, and there is a risk of affecting health.
Third, if it is a family that uses a dishwasher for dinnerware washing on a daily basis, you should pay attention to whether the edge thickness of the ceramic dinnerware is sufficient when purchasing, otherwise it will be easily damaged. In this case, it is recommended to purchase reinforced porcelain and magnesia porcelain with a stronger texture.

Fourth, when purchasing, you should also pay attention to whether the decorative patterns on the dinnerware are bright. If not, then it may be that the roasting temperature of this dinnerware is not up to the standard, and the amount of cadmium and lead is high, and long-term use may affect health.

Finally, if you want to determine whether the dinnerware has micro-cracks, tap the lip with your finger. If the sound is crisp, it is good. If the sound is hoarse, it is a defective product, there may be fine lines that are difficult to detect, and the dinnerware is easily damaged and not durable.
Ceramic dinnerware is elegant in appearance and excellent in quality, and is indeed the best choice for dinner dinnerware. According to the above-mentioned careful selection, you will be able to buy high-quality, durable, beautiful and delicate ceramic dinnerware, so that the three meals a day can get rid of the ordinary and full of elegant charm.

Post time: Jun-20-2022


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