Key points for purchasing bone china advertising cups

1. Advantages of bone china advertising cups

1. Fine porcelain: soft whiteness, strong light transmission, showing a different texture and brightness from ordinary porcelain, exuding the noble temperament of aristocrats.

2. Good thermal insulation: Compared with traditional porcelain, bone china has better thermal insulation, and you can feel more when drinking coffee or tea.

3. Environmental protection porcelain: bone china is mostly low-lead or lead-free products. Because it is the basic guarantee of European and American society, it is on par with Europe and the United States in terms of product quality. Moreover, the screen is not easy to wear and fall off. In addition to being used as general dinnerware, it is also suitable for use in microwave ovens. It is a well-deserved healthy ceramic. Ordinary ceramic products are inevitably corroded by acid and alkali in daily use, and trace metals overflow, which will have an impact on human health over time.

4. Ceramics that make sound: If you buy a set of bone china dinnerware, take out an advertising cup, hold the bottom of the advertising cup with your left hand, then wet the middle finger of your right hand with water, and rub the edge of the advertising cup slowly and at a uniform speed, it will emit a sound. There is a long sound. This is caused by the unique density and raw material composition of bone china. If you take an ordinary advertising cup, no matter how you rub it, it is impossible to make a sound. A set of noble bone china can make you enjoy an artistic life when dining.

5. Better strength, thinner carcass, and lighter specific gravity: Due to the different composition of bone china and ordinary porcelain, it can be made thinner, tougher and wear-resistant, but because it is difficult to form at high temperature, the molding has a high scrap rate. Objectively form factors such as high prices.

Second, the grade of bone china advertising cup

In bone china, bone china is divided into different grades. The following is a detailed introduction to the classification method of bone china grades: it is roughly divided into AAA grade, first grade, second grade, third grade, a standard for distinguishing grades It is to look at the number of flaws in the porcelain itself. The scope of the flaws includes the number of black spots, the amount of deglazing, and the number of flaws in the product itself.

1. AAA grade: In the form of porcelain or embryo (embryo form refers to the one without flowers and glaze, and the whole body is just a white body in the shape of porcelain). The defective embryos are then subjected to the process of painting, glazing, and furnace firing, and then the finished products are selected again after they are released from the oven, and the defective finished products are eliminated, thus producing AAA grade products;

2. First-class product: First-class embryos are selected from all the prepared embryos (good and bad), and the embryos without obvious defects are selected and then processed to produce first-class products. International The standard allows no more than 5 defects in first-class products;

3. Second-level and third-level products: I wont go into details, but there may be any defects, huh, huh, black spots and so on.

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Post time: Mar-13-2023


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