Japan’s experience in developing a new type of ceramic kiln

The building and sanitary ware industry is a special branch of “finding money in the fire”. The key to determining whether the business can develop rapidly and achieve good economic returns lies in the last phase of the fire. The kiln used and the level of firing technology has an important influence.At present, in the development of new ceramic kilns, Japan pays attention to the application of high technology and new technologies to develop new kiln products, especially in terms of combination of energy saving, improvement of firing efficiency, shortening of firing cycle, and improvement of firing quality of ceramic products and numerous patents and technical inventions have been established. Many practices of the Japanese ceramic industry in the development of new kilns are worthy of reference.

1. Be sure to promote the research and development of new high-tech furnaces

Japanese supplier companies attach great importance to technological innovation and constantly promote the innovation of high-tech bakery products. They attach great importance to the research of the fundamental disciplines, courageously absorbing the main scientific research results of different countries and applying them to the design and development of new furnaces. Japanese ceramic kiln machinery and equipment has high processing precision and accurate positioning.The best quality materials are used to design and produce various kiln products according to the best plan, ensuring the working quality and performance of the oven. Currently, Japanese ceramics are facing a new breakthrough, prompting supplier companies to pay more attention to market information, develop or acquire patents themselves, and adopt new technologies, new materials and new processes to develop the latest furnace equipment to maintain the leading position of securing the Japanese oven technology. In addition, Japan is also one of the first countries to use roller kilns for cooking sanitary ware.

Currently, the division of labor specializing in research and development and manufacturing of Japanese furnaces is becoming more and more refined, for example, key equipment such as nozzles, various refractories, monitoring and information processing tools are processed and processed by computer control , the production level and processing accuracy are improved. The various components of many oven products are jointly manufactured and ultimately assembled by dozens or even hundreds of companies. An advanced furnace often condenses the research results of combustion technology, materials technology, energy-saving technology, information processing technology, automatic control technology and other fields High-tech is leading the new trend of technology development of the oven. Japan is also a world leader in the development of new roller kilns and bogie hearth kilns. The new roller kiln and movable hearth kiln have been widely used for baking everyday porcelain, artistic porcelain, sanitary ware and special ceramic products due to the advanced nozzle combustion series and light kiln body. In order to save the occupation of the workspace and facilitate the operation, the shuttle oven adopts the upward opening of the oven door, and the internal space is a cotton structure entirely in ceramic fiber. Japanese shuttle kiln cooking takes place in two ways: manual operation and automatic control.After the manual operation of the shuttle kiln is equipped with the automatic control system, it is possible to realize the unattended automatic operation.The automatic control system is mainly temperature controlled It consists of sensing, oxygen monitoring, automatic air supply and air shut off switch, type of automatic adjustment, automatic chimney gate opening switch and computer information processing and control part. The cost of a 4m3 walking hearth furnace is about 2.5 million yen, or 120,000 RMB. The cost of fully automatic control is also about 2.5 million yen. It is reported that some Asian companies have imported fully automatic control shuttle kilns from Japan, which reported that the kiln has stable performance, easy control and good firing effect, and is expected to become popular in the future.

2. Focus on comprehensive technical support

In the research and development of new ceramics, the Japanese ceramic industry attaches great importance to the full technical support of the kilns. Currently, the level of its furnace manufacturing technology has reached the goals and levels of guide rollers, fuel gasification, cooking automation, furnace body weight reduction and energy saving. As the new ceramic kiln can continuously reduce the energy consumption and the temperature difference in the kiln, greatly shorten the firing cycle and improve the degree of automation, it has successfully improved the firing quality, a good energy-saving effect, a reduced labor intensity of the workers, and obtained a reduction in the cost of the furnace and a reduction in construction times, times, etc. At the same time, in the development of a new type of kiln for ceramics, great importance is also attached to the related processes related to firing, such as taking into account the way of life and working methods of the Orientals, so much so that the performance of the new kiln for ceramics have clearly oriental traits.

Post time: Sep-19-2022


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