How to choose high-quality ceramic dinnerware

1. Find out

Now the market is full of products with gorgeous appearance but poor material. The general ceramic dinnerware is fired on the kiln board. Therefore, the part of the foot handle (ceramic bottom) is generally not glazed. It is precisely because there is no glaze covering, so you can directly and clearly see the material of the ceramic body. So get a plate and turn it over to see the color of the bottom. A good porcelain foot handle should be white and delicate, and it should be smooth to the touch.


2. Lighting

After you've done your research, the second thing to do is take out your phone, turn on the flashlight, and look through the plate. Note, at this time, don't believe the clerk telling you that you see this transparent or something. At this time, it is not whether it is transparent or not, but whether the transparent part is uniform and free of impurities. If you can see through the light that there are obvious black spots in it, then you must not buy it. The light-transmitting part of a good ceramic is very uniform.


3. Scratch with a knife

It may be exaggerated to use a knife, but let's talk about the principle inside. Scratching with a knife is actually looking at two things. One is the hardness of the glaze surface. Under normal circumstances, the hardness of the ceramic glaze surface should reach Mohs hardness of 5. General hard objects will not leave marks on the ceramic surface. If you lightly scratch the surface of the ceramic with a knife and a black mark appears, then your plate will become a cat with a face in a few days. The second purpose of scratching with a knife is to scratch the surface pattern. The decorative patterns on the normal ceramic surface are fired at high temperature. It will not fall off under normal use. If you scratch it with a hard object and it falls off, it means that the decoration process is not qualified enough.


Dinnerware is a daily necessities that are used very frequently in our lives. Have you learned about the choice of ceramic dinnerware?

Post time: Jun-29-2022


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