Hotel ceramic dinnerware classification and purchasing skills!

Hotel porcelain dinnerware has many shapes, colorful colors, smooth feel, easy to wash, and is very popular.

11.Magnesium porcelain dinnerware

2.Magnesium reinforced porcelain dinnerware

3.Strengthened porcelain dinnerware 

4.Shell porcelain dinnerware

5.Color glazed porcelain dinnerware

1. Magnesium porcelain dinnerware

Magnesium porcelain is mainly made of talc, a silicate mineral rich in magnesium, as the main raw material of porcelain clay, and is fired at a high temperature of 1380 degrees Celsius. Therefore, magnesia porcelain dinnerware has outstanding features such as high whiteness, high strength, and high thermal stability. Its whiteness, such as jade, crystal clear and moist, is the best choice for dinnerware in star-rated hotels. It is now designated as the Great Hall of the People and Diaoyutai State Guest House. Porcelain used for state banquets, and was selected as special porcelain by Beijing Wangfu Hotel.

Magnesium porcelain dinnerware has unique properties of high strength, acid and alkali resistance, lead-free, and easy to wash. It can withstand the collision of kitchen operations and is not easy to be damaged. and modern lifestyles such as microwave heating.

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2. Magnesium reinforced porcelain dinnerware

Ceramic dinnerware Magnesium reinforced porcelain dinnerware is made of magnesia stone powder and high feldspar powder as the main raw materials and fired at a high temperature of about 1340 degrees Celsius. It has high strength, low brittleness, high whiteness, and smooth glaze. The service life is 3-5 times that of ordinary ceramics, and it is an ideal product for sterilizing dinnerware among all daily-use ceramics. Although the cost of a single product is about 25% higher than that of white porcelain and ordinary reinforced porcelain, it has a long service life, low breakage rate, high grade and good image, and the actual cumulative total investment of dinnerware is more than 50% lower. Porcelain is noble and elegant, the glaze is smooth and soft, and has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, rapid cooling resistance, high temperature, and not easy to scratch, and does not contain lead and other chemicals. It is a pollution-free green dinnerware and environmentally friendly dinnerware. The first-choice ceramic dinnerware product of the disinfection dinnerware company has won high praise from users.

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3. Reinforced porcelain dinnerware

Strengthened porcelain is made of high-quality porcelain clay with aluminum-magnesium and other ingredients, and then fired at about 1300 degrees Celsius, so that they can be recrystallized and combined, magnetized into a substance, and its resistance to collision and collision is its housekeeping skill. The glaze is milky white and has a delicate touch. The color glaze of reinforced porcelain is darker than that of magnesia reinforced porcelain, and the dinnerware used in the disinfection dinnerware market has been gradually replaced by magnesia reinforced porcelain and magnesia porcelain.

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4. Shell porcelain dinnerware

Shell porcelain is made of high-white clay, high-white glaze and shell powder with a scientific formula, fired at a high temperature of more than 1200 degrees Celsius, then painted, glazed again, and fired at a second high temperature to make it non-toxic , Lead-free, harmless and never fade, not easy to break, suitable for dishwasher washing. The glazed surface of the shell porcelain dinnerware is white and blue, which is suitable for users of middle and low-grade ceramic dinnerware.

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5. Color-glazed porcelain dinnerware

Color-glazed porcelain is directly painted on the embryo before the product is fired, and it is fired at a high temperature. It belongs to underglaze ceramics, and the patterns on the porcelain are artificially painted, which has artistic value. It is a dinnerware product with a different style from the above porcelain, providing more choices for disinfection centers that need special dinnerware.

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Post time: Jul-26-2022


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