From the design to the raw materials, the firing process and the way of applying pigments

Everyone knows that the bone china cups used in daily life are slightly exceeding the standard. According to relevant news, 30% of domestic products are substandard. Bone china belongs to ceramic products.

The production process is from design to raw materials, firing process and pigment application. The raw material of bone china cups is definitely lead-free.

There are three types of bone china, on-glaze color bone china, in-glaze color bone china and under-glaze color bone china. (The on-glaze color, in-glaze color and under-glaze color process, whether it contains lead or not has nothing to do with bone china, it has something to do with the processing of the on-glaze color process, and the investment in the production process basically determines the quality of the product.

The on-glaze color glaze of bone china products basically contains lead, and heavy metals will gasify when heated, but because there is a closed link in the production process, the gasified heavy metals will be cooled in a certain link of the production process, followed by is re-contamination. So the production process is very important. Manufacturers with weak production capacity are basically struggling on the line of survival, and are simply unable to improve the production process and improve the quality.

The on-glaze color pigment basically has lead, and now lead-free on-glaze color pigment has also been developed, but the price is high. At present, in-glaze color and under-glaze color bone china are the safest. In the high-end bone china industry, they do not contain lead, and the price is relatively high.

Most of the glazed color bone china cups of regular manufacturers have lead discharge during the barbecue process. In addition, now bone china cups have basically used lead-free glaze, making bone china a real green ceramic product, so please use it with confidence. Be sure to pay attention to the manufacturer and brand when purchasing, because some small factories do not have the ability to discharge lead.



Post time: Oct-09-2022


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