Do you know where the main origin of domestic bone china cups is?

Tangshan bone china is the first choice for domestic bone china. Shandong Zibo Linyi, Shanxi Pingding, and Shenzhen are the origins of Chinese bone china. I am afraid it is not appropriate to say which is the best. Each origin in China has its own characteristics.

      Tangshan, Hebei is the birthplace and largest production base of China’s bone china. Now it has formed a bone china industry from raw material production to packaging and sales. Tangshan uses bone charcoal fired from beef bone powder. The content of bone charcoal is generally about 40%. The porcelain is thin, white, light and transparent, and enjoys a good reputation at home and abroad.

      There are bone china produced in Zibo, Shandong. The formula is mainly synthetic bone meal or a mixture of synthetic bone meal and beef bone meal. Except for the Linyi family, the overall porcelain quality is far from Tangshan, the glaze is darker and the transparency is slightly poor.

      There is a porcelain factory in Pingding and Shenzhen. The quality of porcelain is very good, mainly for export. Domestic sales are only sold at high prices in a few places. The export price is very low, but it is very high for the domestic market.

      Except for the above-mentioned areas, there are basically no factories that produce bone china independently in other parts of the country. There was no factory in Jingdezhen at that time, and most of the bone china was produced in Tangshan.


Post time: Sep-28-2022


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