What are the processes of bone China cup glaze burning?

Preparatory work:

1. Check the bottom of the bad body and wipe the glaze clean, otherwise the glaze will be liquefied and bonded to the boron plate after high temperature melting.

2. The heat-resistant boron plate used in the insulation layer should be coated with a layer of mud that is half mixed with alumina and kaolin to prevent the bad body from flowing glaze and bonding with the boron plate.

Glaze kiln loading method:

1. Arrange the products of the same height in the same layer, and leave a gap between the blank and the bad one.

2. Smaller bad parts can be discharged between large bad parts, but there should also be a gap between bad and bad.

3. The bad body arranged in the space of the kiln should strive to be consistent in density.

Glaze firing method process:

Step 1 Bake

The initial stage of the kiln should be slowly heated up, slightly open the kiln room 5 cm for the water in the bad body to evaporate and escape, after 2-3 hours, when the temperature is about 300-400, you can close the kiln door. Keep heating up.

2. Burn

The firing method is like the plain firing method, when the temperature exceeds 600 ° C, the temperature can be accelerated. When the temperature reaches the preset glaze melting (about 1200-1260 ° C), the glaze is burned, and the fire can be stopped or kept at a constant temperature for 20-30 minutes and then turned off.

Step 3: Cool

After the glaze is completed, the bad body is still in a high temperature state, can not contact the cold air or rapid cooling, should let the kiln temperature cooled naturally to 150 ° C below, you can open the kiln door to take out the items.


Post time: Sep-27-2023


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