The feeling of using bone china cups is great!

Talk about the good experience of the bone china cup (the bone china I am talking about here is the real bone china containing 45% bone powder, the higher the bone powder content, the better, preferably more than 45%. Remember that it is real bone china It’s not new bone china, or fake white china, or the bone powder content is not up to the standard at all.)

1. It feels very good, I don’t know how to describe it. Anyway, washing dishes is a happy job.

2. Beautiful, good bone china cups are light-transmitting, very mild and comfortable to look at. Ordinary ceramics do not.

3. Nice, the sound strikes very nicely, like a bell.

4. The most convenient is actually cleaning! clean! clean! Who is who knows! Mild oil stains, rinse with basic water and wipe dry, heavy oil stains require a little detergent. For tea dirt and coffee dirt, the perennial oil dirt is also easy to clean, just soak it in the detergent for a period of time and wipe it lightly. You will know when you have used it. You know, before using ordinary ceramic dinnerware, tea stains and perennial oil stains required various detergents, baking soda, soaking, and rubbing hard. Much easier after changing bone china. For a person like me who has been dealing with the kitchen all the year round, washing dishes every day, and a person who hopes to be environmentally friendly, this is a matter of reducing the workload!

Post time: Sep-14-2022


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