How good is the appearance of ceramic dinnerware? Only those who know it know


Exquisite European-style retro dinnerware always reminds people of thin white tablecloths, delicate snacks, fragrant tea or pure coffee, full of comfortable and lazy afternoon tea time. Sophisticated shapes, meticulous golden edges, and delicious food will satisfy both the stomach and the heart.





hand-painted style

The charm of hand-painted dinnerware lies in its unique artistic temperament and original individual patterns, as if each dinnerware has a wonderful fairy tale. Naughty and cute, it is difficult to have two repeated styles on the same table, niche and fresh.








Crude pottery is a simple and elegant Chinese style. In addition to retro, it can also bring a natural and friendly feeling to people, which is more eye-catching than impetuous colors. She is like a girl who has not been deeply involved in the world and has not applied makeup. She is pure and natural, as if with the idyllic fireworks, impacting our fast-paced life.

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Nordic style

The Nordic style has become popular in China in recent years, and it can be said that it is a veritable Internet celebrity dinnerware. Geometric shapes, marble elements and low-purity colors form a clean and crisp style of Nordic style. It is the favorite of many literary and artistic youths, which can set off simple food beautifully and beautifully.

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minimalist style

The most representative of the minimalist style is pure white dinnerware. I believe that in everyone’s home, there have been one or two such plates and bowls. But now the minimalist style is more refined and attentive, with more shapes and colors to choose from, simple but very textured.

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Japanese style

Japanese cuisine pays great attention to the visual experience, and the combination of utensils and food sets off each other, giving people the ultimate beauty. Therefore, Japanese-style dinnerware is like the dinnerware in “Late Night Dining Hall”, which is exquisite and beautiful, and often gives people a warm and comfortable feeling.

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Delicate painted ceramic dinnerware with a strong boho style, beautifully patterned and colourful. I am used to seeing the frigidity of northern Europe, and it is a rare pleasure to try such a hot feeling occasionally. This kind of dinner plate is also excellent for wall decoration and table decoration.

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Post time: Jun-17-2022


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