Do you know how to clean ceramic water cups?

Cleaning method of ceramic water cup:

The tea stains and coffee stains in the cup are cleaned with toothpaste or edible salt, and the effect is very good

Usage: Rinse the ceramic water cup with water (no water is left), then rub dry salt or toothpaste on the wall of the cup, and then rinse with clean water


No matter it is table salt or coarse salt, it can help us remove the tea stains on the cup. We can use our fingers to pick it up, and then scrub it back and forth on the tea stains. In two or three minutes, we will find that the tea stains are miraculous. The ground has disappeared! And it is not easy to damage the body of the cup.

citrus peel

Sometimes you encounter old dirt, and you cant clean it no matter how you scrub, what should you do? Dont worry! At this time, you might as well look for leftover lemons in the kitchen, or the peels that you want to throw away after eating oranges Right! For coffee cups, use lemon slices or a little vinegar to wipe the rim, and for coffee pots, we can slice lemons, wrap them in a cloth and put them on the top of the coffee pot, and fill them up with water. Boil the lemon the way you brew coffee, letting it drip into the jug below. When there is yellow cloudy water dripping out of the coffee pot, this is evidence that citric acid removes coffee stains. Generally speaking, the coffee pot can be cleaned in about two times.

peel and salt

If you use the fruit peel instead of the cucumber cloth, dip it in the salt, and then use it to scrub the tea stains, you can also achieve unexpected good results! If there is no fruit peel, using a little vinegar will also have the same effect.

kitchen bleach

Dilute the special bleach for the kitchen in a large basin first, then put the ceramic water cup into it and soak it overnight. After washing it with clean water the next day, the tea stains will be magically cleaned.


Post time: Jan-18-2023


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