Bone china is not the higher the price, the better

Now more and more people choose bone china to buy dinnerware. Among the young consumer groups, the post-80s and post-90s are some people who have recently formed a family. When they buy things, they will compare online and physical stores, shop around, and hope to find cost-effective ones. There are also some people who think that the higher the price, the more guaranteed the quality, so the higher the price is the better. In fact, it’s not that the price is high, but it is necessary to know the selection skills, so that you can choose the dinnerware that suits you.

1. It is suitable for the decoration style of the house

The decoration has Chinese style, European style, colorful and complicated, and simple and fresh. At this time, choose the one that suits your own style, in order to appear one and harmonious.

Rich peony series: more suitable for families with Chinese-style color mix and match styles

Country rose series: more suitable for families with European complex style

Pure white series: more suitable for simple style families

Second, the physical store physical selection method

1. Transparency: It is best to buckle the dinnerware on the light bulb, and good bone china will be transparent as a whole. This is because of the effect of adding more bone meal, and the permeability of ordinary or less bone meal is not strong.

2. Feel the weight: If you turn it gently in the palm of your hand, if you can feel it is very light, then the quality is also good.

3. Listen to the sound: a flick of the finger will make a crisp sound of “ding ding”, which is pleasant and comfortable, and is a good bone china.

Combining your own style and knowing the selection skills, you will definitely be able to choose your favorite and suitable bone china dinnerware.



Post time: Nov-23-2022


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