What is the difference between hand painted and decal bone china mugs?

Different prices for hand-painted and decal bone china mugs? What is the difference between the two? Why are hand-painted bone china mugs on the market more expensive than decals? The reason is that hand-painting requires painters to draw patterns on blanks or porcelain, and then go through processes such as glazing, firing, etc. Because of manual operations, the production cycle is slightly longer and in the production process. The damage rate is also high. The labor cost of painting, combined with the low output, makes hand painting expensive.

Therefore, the decal bone china cup was produced, and the decal bone china cup was first manufactured by the flower paper factory at the request of the merchant. Workers simply place the paper on top of the porcelain blank and send it to the furnace. The process of decal bone china is relatively simple. It can save labor and time through processing, thus greatly reducing the cost, so the price is relatively cheap.

The difference between hand-painted bone china cups and decal bone china cups is briefly described as follows:

1.Carefully check the pattern on the surface of the porcelain. Usually visible to the naked eye. The surface of the appliqué bone china has a mesh pattern similar to cloth. This is decal bone china. If conditions permit, you can observe with a magnifying glass.

2.the pattern of decals is usually mass-produced. Therefore, the decal pattern after firing is usually the same, while hand-painted porcelain is hand-painted, so there will be no identical porcelain. We can take two identical china. Care should be taken if the pictures are exactly the same, it may be decal bone china.

3.Hand-painted bone china, due to the different strokes in the hand-painting process, there will be a feeling of strokes in the painting, and the color depth of the coloring will be inconsistent, usually the layering on the porcelain pattern will be stronger, and the decals are difficult to make. is an important way to differentiate.


Post time: Oct-12-2022


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