What does a fine bone china cup look like?

First, the color
The high-grade bone china cup will show a milky white state in color. If it is placed under the light, the milky white light will be very beautiful, and it is not easy to wear in the process of practical application. Yes, in the process of using some porcelain, its surface will have some bumps and wear, or the white surface of its surface will look a little old, but this is rarely the case with high-quality bone china cups .

Second, more detailed
Nowadays, the “porcelain” of ceramics is also divided into different situations. The delicate materials and those rough “porcelains” feel different to the touch. Of course, some people will feel that rough ceramics have that matte feeling. But this so-called frosted feeling is still different from “porcelain”. ‍‍The so-called “porcelain” means that it looks very delicate and beautiful, and can feel its superior feeling, and it is practically applied. Its glaze color and overall shape are very beautiful in the process.
Third, good moisturizing
Bone china cups must have a very moist glaze, so when we buy bone china cups, we can look at these levels in detail. Through this level, we can also judge the condition of bone china cups and judge the effect of bone china , and then buy the appropriate product type. ‍


Post time: Oct-24-2022


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