What are the ways to distinguish between genuine and fake bone china dinnerware?

I believe that every friend who sees this post has shopping experience. The following Tangshan Win-Win Ceramics will explain to you how to buy authentic bone china manufacturers bone china dinnerware!

dinnerware with a price ranging from 100 yuan to 280 yuan is generally white porcelain.

Generally authentic bone china with a price of about 350-500 yuan, because each buyers purchase channel is different, and the price is different. Low, the price may be moderate, some are self-produced, the price may be low! These are all possible, but there are also small sellers who sell at a low price in order to earn credit but do not want to deceive customers to do business honestly. Anything is possible. Here I can only tell you that basically all of these prices are bone china!

As for the price above 600-1000 yuan, maybe the seller wants to slaughter pigs, and if one is slaughtered, it is counted as one! But there are also many that are worth the money. The following bone china manufacturers will explain the price positioning of bone china dinnerware for you!

A good set of high-quality dinnerware is not expensive for tens of thousands of yuan

The price positioning of dinnerware is generally based on the configuration of the dinnerware‘s craft flower paper pattern!

Process: All handmade is more expensive than decals (general dinnerware is printed on pure white porcelain with flower paper, and then fired in a high-temperature kiln. This process is decals! All handmade is on the top of the bowl and plate The patterns are all drawn one by one with a pen)

Flower paper: Flower paper has a wreath flower! Circle flowers are more expensive than flowers (a flower means that the flowers on the top of the bowl are one by one! Circle flowers mean that there are flowers on all sides of the bowl)

Design and color: There are ordinary designs, full gold-edged designs, and half-gold and half-flower designs! Full-gold-edged designs are more expensive than half-gold and half-flower designs, and ordinary designs are the cheapest

Device type: round, square, other special shapes, other special shapes are more expensive, followed by square, and then round

Generally, the positioning of bone china dinnerware changes according to the changes of the above four points! So the price is not fixed!

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Post time: Mar-10-2023


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