What are the disadvantages of bone china cups?

Not to mention anything else, first of all this question is a bit funny. “Bone china cup” refers to a kind of thing, which is the same as asking “people in such and such a place are bad”. There are good people and bad people in one place, and it is impossible to generalize. Bone china cup is the same, it is a kind of thing, although there are good and bad inside, people are not the same.

Bone china cups are quite popular now, because it is the only recognized high-grade porcelain in the world, of course it has its unique situation. “As thin as paper, as bright as a mirror, as white as jade, and as loud as a chime” are all very suitable. The pictures of high-quality bone china tested for light transmission are simply beautiful and easy to rinse. Generally, no rinse agent is needed. …so its relatives all came to rub off. Now we are talking about bone china (bone China), because of its relatives (new bone china, low bone china), the bone china market is also a bit messy. For example, in order to distinguish real bone china (high-quality bone china) for export, the labels on it are fine bone China.

Secondly, whether drinking water from a bone china cup has no disadvantages depends on whether the bone china cup will precipitate substances that are not beneficial to the human body when drinking water. Some bone china cups are new bone china, needless to say, because the chemically synthesized ingredient tricalcium phosphate used has disadvantages to human body odor. Not to mention low bone china, by definition, it is not bone china (this is old and embarrassing). If you want high-quality bone china, you can refer to the distinguishing points released in the previous information or FAQ.

Whether there are any defects in drinking water in bone china cups depends mainly on the glaze and pigment used. High-quality bone china (natural bone powder content 45%) that can be exported in China, because the glaze used is lead-free glaze (in fact, there will be traces of lead and cadmium, etc.) generally does not have a great impact on the human body. I have been comparing Le domestic bone china stems (due to the high lead content). Pigment, I dont know what kind of pigment is used in China, but since it can only be pasted on burnt paper (on-glaze color), if you want color, you can buy bone china that does not directly touch food. In China, the UK, the birthplace of bone china, is also the location of Dannon. Food-grade glazes and plant-extracted pigments are generally used. After testing in the UK and China Customs, no harmful substances have been released, which is relatively good.

However, buying from regular channels will generally not have a great impact on human health. If you are curious about bone china and want to test it, dont cut open the belly to hide the pearl. However, you can hopefully find the cup that makes you fall in love with each other at first sight in Tangshan Win-Win Ceramics.

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Post time: Mar-14-2023


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