The enterprise standard of daily use of fine porcelain soup pot comes from Tangshan city


Recently, Tangshan Win-Win Ceramics Co.,Ltd. prepared enterprise standard “Daily Fine Porcelain Soup Pot” passed the expert examination and approval organized by Hebei Ceramics Association, paving the way for the market entry of this innovative ceramic product.

The evaluation committee, composed of experts from renowned national universities such as Tsinghua University and South China University of Technology, unanimously considered that the product standards comply with the provisions of the “Standardization Law”, the “Product Quality Law” and other laws and regulations, and the structure of each index is complete, which can be used as production, inspection, the basis for sale, unanimously agreed to pass the inspection and recommended to be submitted to the regulatory body for standardization for registration.

It is understood that in the absence of national standards, industry standards and local standards for products manufactured by enterprises, corresponding enterprise standards should be formulated. Production can only be organized after the factory standard has been archived for registration. The deputy director of the evaluation committee and senior craftsmen of the Hebei Ceramics Association believe that the use of this product has exceeded the use limit of ceramic materials and is a good attempt at technological innovation in the ceramics industry. At present, the ceramics industry in Tangshan is at a critical stage of transformation and upgrading, and it is hoped that more enterprises will find new development prospects for the industry through technological innovation and new product research and development.

Before the approval meeting, the evaluation committee also reviewed and approved the country evaluation of the new product and new technology of “fine porcelain everyday soup pot”.

Post time: Sep-02-2022


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