How to match the plate? The principle of matching western dishes and dinnerware and wine utensils

The principles of matching Western dishes with dinnerware and wine are as follows:
1. The main dish is stacked on the soup base and placed in the middle of the table, and the neatly folded napkin is placed on the main dish.
2. The knife and spoon are placed on the right side of the food tray, and the Fork is placed on the left side of the food tray. The number of knives and forks is equal to the number of dishes, and they are arranged from outside to inside according to the order of serving, so the knife and fork or spoon on the outermost side is used for the appetizer, the knife and fork in the middle is used for eating fish, the closest Knives and forks on the plate are used for meat entrees.
3. The dessert dinnerware is arranged above the food tray. On the inside is the snack fork, used for serving cakes, with the tines facing right and the handle facing left. On the outside is the dessert spoon, used for ice cream, with the tip facing left and the handle facing right. Then, at the top left of the table is the loaf pan and butter knife, with the butter knife placed over the loaf pan with the blade to the left and the handle to the right.
4. There are at least three glasses on the upper right side of the table. From left to right are the water glass (WaterGlass), red wine glass (RedWineGlass), white wine glass (WhiteWineGlass).
Types of Western dishes
1. Appetizers: Also known as appetizers, there are generally cold and hot appetizers. Common varieties include caviar, foie gras, smoked salmon, cocktails, salads, assorted cold cuts, etc. delivered in the first 5 minutes).
2. Soup: It can be roughly divided into two categories: clear soup and thick soup - cream soup, vegetable soup and cold soup.
3. Main dishes: mostly meat, poultry dishes or high-grade seafood are the main dishes.
4. Vegetable dishes: usually side dishes, which can be arranged after meat dishes, or served at the same time as meat dishes. Vegetable dishes are called salads in Western food. Salads that go with the main course, called raw vegetable salads, are generally made with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, asparagus, etc.
5. Desserts: Desserts in Western food are eaten after the main course and can be regarded as the sixth course. In a true sense, it includes all the food that comes after the main course, such as snacks, ice cream, cheese, fruit, etc.
6, coffee, tea or after-dinner wine, on the snack, such as cookies and so on.



Post time: May-20-2022


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