How to choose Tangshan win-win bone china dinnerware

1. Touch with your hands, don’t buy if it is not slippery: When choosing bone china dinnerware, you must touch it with your hands. If the flower body on the bone china dinnerware is protruding, it means it is glaze color. The surface of bone china dinnerware is not only slippery and rough when touched, it means that the product is “not cooked”, so try not to buy it. In addition, don’t buy dinnerware with flowers on the inner wall. Although the product quality is qualified and harmless, it is better to be sure.

2. Watch with your eyes, and don’t buy those with air holes: When buying dinnerware, it’s best to look at the dinnerware against the light. If there are flaws on it, you can see it at a glance. If you find that there are tiny pores, bumps, slag, and uneven bottoms on the dinnerware, it is best not to buy it. Because these defective dinnerware will bring troubles to future cleaning.

3. Upside-down bone china dinnerware, dont buy if you are not satisfied: When buying dinnerware such as cups, bowls, plates, etc., it is best to turn the product upside down on the table or glass surface to check whether the flatness of the product meets the standard. If you find that the mouth of the dinnerware is tilted and dissatisfied, don’t buy it. In addition, you can also stack the dinnerware together, as long as the good and high-quality dinnerware has no cracks. And the poor-quality dinnerware is stacked crookedly.

4. Knock with your hands, do not buy if it is not loud: When buying bone china dinnerware, tap it with your hands. If the sound of bone china dinnerware is loud and pleasant, it means that the quality of the dinnerware is high-quality. If the dinnerware makes a muddy sound after being knocked by hand, it means that the body of the dinnerware has cracks, so don’t buy it.


Post time: Jan-17-2023


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