Bone China manufacturers tell you how to choose bone china cups

Buy by looking

The color mainly depends on the color of the carcass part of the bone china cup that does not cover the flower surface. Cover the cup on the light bulb. The light transmittance is strong and the color is soft. The quality of the bone china cup with high bone charcoal content should be Milky white or called milky white, of course, bone china is not as white as possible, natural milky white is the best bone china.

Buy by listening

The surface of the bone china cup looks very thin, giving people a very fragile feeling, but it is not the case. The hardness of bone china is about three times that of ordinary ceramics, and the hardness is very high. Such porcelain will not be damaged when collided. After the bone china collides, the sound is as clear and crisp as a bell, and there is an echo. Pour about one-third of the water into the bowl, dip some water with one hand and move along the edge of the porcelain to make a “chirp” resonance sound, the larger the bowl, the more obvious the effect.

The above is the introduction of bone china manufacturers on the purchase skills of bone china cups, I hope it can be helpful to everyone!

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Post time: Feb-03-2023


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